Step One To Get A Utah County Short Sale Approved In 90 Days Or Less

Utah County UT – We’re going to start explaining the steps to approving a short sale in 90 days or less.

Today, we’ll start with Step 1: Find out the type of loan it is. Examples are Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, Portfolio, and “Sliced and Diced.”

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Why does this step matter? First, around 70-80% of all loan held by the large, national lenders are not owned by that lender. They are simply collecting the money for the actual owner of the loan.

The owner of the loan is the actual gentility that makes the decision to approve or deny the short sale. Find out who the actual owner is and you can hold that lender accountable for their actions.

They better do a good job on the short sale. If not, then you report on them to the actual loan owner. In addition, most of these loan owners have specific guidelines on short sales.

Not all lenders follow those guidelines. If they don’t then you can hold them accountable for their actions. Ok, so here is how you find out who owns the loan.

Go thru the steps below.

Search Fannie Mae’s Website:

Search Freddie Mac’s Website:

Look at the actual mortgage to see if the loan is an FHA or VA Insured Mortgage.

If the loan is FHA insured, then on the first page of the mortgage, there should be a small square. Inside the square, it will say “FHA Case Number 091-4242640-703.” The case number will be different, but it will still be an FHA loan.

If the loan is VA insured, then on the mortgage, 1-4 pages past the signature page will be a VA Rider. At the top it will say “NOTICE: THIS LOAN IS NOT ASSUMABLE WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS.” That is a VA loan.

If the loan is not any of those, then it is probably then it is most likely a portfolio loan. This means the loan is owned and serviced by the original company that bought it. This is especially true if the current servicer is the same company as the original lender.

There is one final option: “Sliced and Diced.” If a foreclosure has been filed, then look at the Plaintiff’s Name on the Lis Pendens.

If it contains something like “CWALT 2005-06CB”, “BOAALT Series 2005-10”, “Certificates”, or “Trust”; then it is probably “Sliced and Diced.” Thinking about a short sale?

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