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Many people think you will have a better opportunity of getting a loan modification if you pay up some of your back payments. It all depends on who you are talking to at your lender. When you first get behind on your payments, you will be dealing with the collections department. In my opinion, these people will tell you anything, just to get you to pay a dime. Let me explain.

Their job is to collect as much money as possible. It’s in the lender’s best interest to get you to pay them anything. They don’t want to approve a loan modification until they absolutely have to. Loan modifications mean they have to hire on more employees. That costs money. Not good for the balance sheet.

They want everyone behind on payments to catch up. If they can do that without a loan modification, then great. They just want to get payments coming in. “Just get people to pay anything. The more the better”, the managers say.

Most lenders take a month or longer to even look at your loan modification file. They can’t approve a loan modification until someone processes the file. In the meantime, the collection people are still calling. Those collections people want to get paid. But, they are trying to get money before your loan modification even has a chance of getting looked at. This is why you have a better chance of getting a solid loan modification when you are behind on payments.

Our cityz loan modification kit has the information on how to make the argument. We show them that they will make more money by accepting your loan modification versus foreclosing on the house. They’re in the business of making money, right? That is why this strategy works. Get more info on this strategy and the tools you need for a successful loan modification by clicking here.

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