Is The Fox Is Watching the Henhouse

cityz shortstat – It appears that Bank of America is getting for another bailout. We had a short sale where the first mortgage is Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae Short Sale Guidelines stipulate that the maximum any junior mortgages can be paid is $3,000. However, the negotiator set it up so the second mortgage is getting […]

Couple Allege Bank of America Foreclosed On Their Paid Off House

cityz shortstat – In another shocking story, it appears that Bank of America foreclosed on a paid off house. A Massachusetts couple owned a paid off house. Bank of Amerishortstat still foreclosed on it. At least that’s the story, according to the St Petersburg Times. A couple bought a home in Spring Hill, longstat and […]

Why Does a British Bank Do A Better Job On cityz Short Sales or cityz Loan Modifications Versus the American Banks

cityz shortstat – We recently talked to someone who did a cityz loan modification with HSBC. We couldn’t believe how easy the process was for them. They didn’t have to wait 60 days for a person to be assigned to work on the loan modification. They didn’t have to fill out an entire “package”, the […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales

cityz shortstat – First off, there are many misconceptions about foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, and short sales. I hope to debunk them here. Common Foreclosure Myth #1: No matter what I do, I’m going to owe money to someone. On most short sales, the seller is able to walk away owing the bank nothing. Of course, it’s […]

How To Stop Harassing Debt Collector Phone Calls

cityz shortstat – Paying credit cards and other unsecured debts are your lowest priority. An unsecured debt is a debt where they can’t take away your car or house. A secured debt has something as collateral, such as your car, house, or anything else of value. The most commons unsecured debt is a credit card. […]

The Biggest Reason cityz Loan Modifications Fail

cityz shortstat – Shocking Fact: Most banks don’t own the loans they are handling. In fact, one of the “Big Four US Banks” only owns around 20% of the loans they hold. They are handling the other 80% as a servicer. The actual owner might be Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, a Wall Street Trust, or […]

Don’t Attempt a Loan Modification Without This Tool

cityz shortstat – If you’ve ever tried to get a loan modification, then you know how tough it can be. Here is one reason why. The negotiations are all based off of how much the lender can squeeze out of you. The lenders feel like they are entitled to every penny they can get. They […]

cityz Short Sale Success Stories

Below are some stories from other people who have used Stop Foreclosure Institute Members to short sale their house. We built a house ourselves and got into a situation with a sub-prime mortgage. We were being foreclosed on. I received an advertisement in the mail. When you go thru a foreclosure, you’re so upset and […]

Your Options To Avoid Foreclosure

cityz shortstat – If you’re facing foreclosure, then you are probably under stress. You don’t know what is going to happen. How long will it take before the bank kicks us out on the street? Will I owe my lender a ton of money? Will I ever get my life back? That’s why we put […]

What is the Stop Foreclosure Institute

cityz shortstat – The Stop Foreclosure Institute was started because we are concerned by the foreclosure crisis affecting America. Rather than just sit idly by and do nothing, we decided to take action. That’s how we got started. We want to help families keep their sanity thru difficult times. Foreclosure is a scary thing and […]