Utah County Short Sales: What can go bad on a short sale when you hire an agent that doesn’t understand short sales

Utah County UT – It always amazes me when I hear the stories of agents who talk about horrible short sales are. “Don’t waste your time on a short sale”, they tell homeowners. “They are a waste of time. The lenders won’t approve them and the process is horrible. The last short sale I worked […]

Utah County Short Sales: The Average Homeowner Can Live 492 Days Rent Free

Utah County UT – According to the Wall Street Journal [1], the average homeowner with a home in foreclosure hasn’t made a payment in 492 days. What’s even crazier is that those homes are still in the foreclosure process. That means that a homeowner can live rent free for even longer than 492 days. How […]

Utah County Short Sales: If You Bought At The Market’s Peak, Does It Make Sense To Short Sale Your Home?

Utah County UT – Many homeowners bought their home at the peak of the market. In the hardest hit areas, they paid $500,000 for homes that are not selling for $250,000 (or even less.) Their home is costing them $4,000 a month. (That is the total after paying property taxes and insurance.) Renters have moved […]

Utah County Short Sales:Is this a reasonable offer from a buyer of a short sale property?

Utah County UT – Some buyers think that since it is a buyer’s market, then they can make any crazy demand of a seller. And they can’t understand when the seller isn’t excited by their lowball offer. Here is an example of a recent story where this happened. A buyer makes an offer on a […]

Utah County Short Sales: What is a BPO?

Utah County UT – If you have been reading about short sales, then you have probably heard the term “BPO” and wondered what it meant. BPO stands for Broker’s Price Opinion. A Broker’s Price Opinion is when a licensed real estate agent gives their opinion of the value of a property. That value is what […]

Would Dave Ramsey Love A Utah County Short Sale?

Utah County UT – You might have heard of Dave Ramsey. He has a popular radio program where he talks explains the benefits of getting out of debt. Dave is a zealot for the debt free life. “You don’t need to see the inside of a restaurant unless you are working there”, he will tell […]

Utah County Short Sales: Could The Realtor You Hire Kill Your Short Sale?

Utah County UT – The biggest reason people short sale their house is to avoid foreclosure. They cannot afford the house anymore and the bank has said they will foreclose soon. If the short sale is not successful, then their lender will foreclose on the house. We at the Stop Foreclosure Institute have successfully closed […]

Utah County Short Sales: Why Do Lenders Pretend To Care About Their Customers?

Utah County UT – Have you ever attempted to get a loan modification? If you have, then you probably get bugged when you hear banks talk about how they suposedly care about their customers. Somehow these banks think we will believe it. They must think that, or they wouldn’t be running ads that say: “Come […]

Utah County Short Sales: How To Get A Short Sale Lender To Waive Deficiency Clause

Utah County UT – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from John. Here is John’s Question. “I just received a full price offer on my house. My main concern is that I don’t get stuck having to pay off the deficiency. I have a first and 2nd with Chase and owe 270K on […]

Will I Still Have To Pay Property Taxes If I Do A Utah County Short Sale?

Utah County UT – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Paul. Here is Paul’s Question. “I am thinking about a short sale, but I am behind on my property taxes. Will I still have to pay them if I short sale my home? Max.” Discover how other sellers successfully did a short […]